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The Swinging Sixties in Brighton, England
Enter the world of…
Say hello to Colin Crampton, crime correspondent of the Brighton Evening Chronicle.
Brighton is a great town on the south coast of England. There are long beaches, seaside piers, quaint lanes, and an ornate oriental palace, the Royal Pavilion.
But 1960s Brighton is also a world of louche clubs and seedy bars inhabited by racketeers and con-artists. Of mods and rockers at war. Of race-course razor gangs. Of sea-front spivs.
So if Colin is to land the scoops his editor demands, he needs to play plenty of tricks of his own. To think quick when he’s in a tight corner. To talk his way out of trouble when things go wrong.
There’s never a dull moment in Colin’s life of crime reporting. And he’s here to tell you about his adventures.