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To mark the publication of Stop Press Murder, I'm embarking on a 14-stop blog tour on 24th August. The tour takes…

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Shelley Wilson interviews Peter Bartram

UK fiction author, Shelley Wilson, recently took time out from writing to interview Peter for her website's 'Reader Spot'. You can…

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Murder, he reported...

Colin Crampton faces dangers they never mentioned at journalism school when he hunts a secret killer.

AUGUST 1962 and Colin Crampton, the Brighton Evening Chronicle's crime reporter, is suffering the curse of the "silly season" - no hard news.
HIS ONLY TIP-OFF: the disappearance of the seafront's crazy-golf proprietor, Arnold Trumper. Colin thinks the story is about as useful as a set of concrete water-wings.
UNSOLVED MURDER: when Colin learns Trumper's vanishing act is linked to one, he immediately senses a scoop.
POWERFUL PEOPLE are determined Colin should not discover the truth. So he must use every newspaper scam in the book to land his exclusive.
THERE'S TROUBLE when Colin's Aussie girlfriend, feisty Shirley Goldsmith ends up on the sticky end when the scams backfire.
COLIN OVERCOMES DANGERS they never mentioned at journalism school before he writes his story. Headline Murder is a racy romp through seedy Brighton, where there's a bad guy around every corner.

RRP: £9.99
ISBN: 978-1-78535-072-6
248 pages