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To mark the publication of Stop Press Murder, I'm embarking on a 14-stop blog tour on 24th August. The tour takes…

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Shelley Wilson interviews Peter Bartram

UK fiction author, Shelley Wilson, recently took time out from writing to interview Peter for her website's 'Reader Spot'. You can…

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Welcome to Brighton, England...

where they do love to murder beside the seaside.

Don't you just hate it when you go on a foreign trip - and then someone tries to kill you?
Ace crime reporter Colin Crampton thinks he's wrapped up a story that began with a robbery and ended with a murder. He's filed his copy. Job done.
But that was before he hit on a new clue - which takes him on a foreign trip and into more danger than he's ever known.
Before long, Colin discovers his hunt for the truth has dumped him right into the middle of a conspiracy he could never have foreseen.
As he battles to find a way out of danger, he meets a stripper with a pet python, an assassin who kills the wrong people, and a slot machine salesman with less luck than his punters.
If you enjoy books by authors like Janet Evanovich, M C Beaton and Simon Brett, you'll soon be hooked by the mix of murder, mystery and mirth in this second book in the Colin Crampton Morning Noon & Night trilogy. Come and join the fun.

RRP: $2.99 / £1.99