Murder in the Afternoon Extra

Book 2 of the Morning, Noon & Night trilogy
Published by The Bartram Partnership, July 2017
Now also available in audiobook format with…

Welcome to Brighton, England… where they do love to murder beside the seaside.

Don’t you just hate it when you go on a foreign trip – and then someone tries to kill you?

Ace crime reporter Colin Crampton thinks he’s wrapped up a story that began with a robbery and ended with a murder. He’s filed his copy. Job done.

But that was before he hit on a new clue – which takes him on a foreign trip and into more danger than he’s ever known.

Before long, Colin discovers his hunt for the truth has dumped him right into the middle of a conspiracy he could never have foreseen.

As he battles to find a way out of danger, he meets a stripper with a pet python, an assassin who kills the wrong people, and a slot machine salesman with less luck than his punters.

If you enjoy books by authors like Janet Evanovich, M C Beaton and Simon Brett, you’ll soon be hooked by the mix of murder, mystery and mirth in this second book in the Colin Crampton Morning Noon & Night trilogy. Come and join the fun.

RRP: $2.99 / £1.99


Excellent story with great narration. Couldn’t stop listening. Great characters, gripping storyline, snappy dialog, wonderful British humor dry as a martini. It’s got it all.
Audible Reviewer

The characters are unique and humorous … even a pet python, a clumsy villain, and a stripper (yes, a woman)!

Amazon Reviewer


I am totally enjoying this series. It’s a fun read with great characters. Can’t wait to read the third book and find out the scoop!!

Amazon Reviewer


This book was as intriguing as the first one time to read the third see what trouble he gets into this time and solve the mystery

Amazon Reviewer


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