Book cover of The Family Tree Mystery by Peter Bartram

The Family Tree Mystery

Book 7 of the Deadline Murder series

Published by The Bartram Partnership, November 2022

RRP Kindle: $5.99 / £4.99 RRP – Paperback: $10.99 / £9.99


Brighton crime reporter Colin Crampton gets on the trail of a big story when Hobart Birtwhistle, a distant relative of feisty model Shirley Goldsmith, is mysteriously murdered.

Colin and Shirley team up to delve into the case. It looks like the mystery may lie a century earlier in the life of an Australian gold prospector… and the death of his partner.

As they track down the killer more murders bring the threat closer to home. The pair tangle with London East End gangsters, an eccentric Scottish lord, and a team of women cricketers in their hunt for the truth.

There are laughs alongside the action as the pair uncover the shocking secrets of Shirley’s family tree. But Shirley has one last surprise for Colin.

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