The Morning, Noon and Night Trilogy
Omnibus Edition

All three books in one great volume
Published by The Bartram Partnership, July 2018
Now also available in audiobook format with…

Welcome to Brighton, England… where they do love to murder beside the seaside.

It’s August 1963 – the “silly season” for newspapers when there’s little hard news. So crime reporter Colin Crampton is taking life easy at the beach with girlfriend Shirley Goldsmith. But when Shirley spots a swarthy man wearing gloves on the hottest day of the year, Colin scents a big story.

Suspicion turns to certainty when Colin witnesses an audacious robbery. But nothing about the robber or the victim is quite what it seems. And as Colin and Shirley investigate further, they realise the story is bigger – and more dangerous – than anything they’ve taken on before.

This Omnibus paperback edition of the Morning, Noon & Night trilogy brings all three books – Murder in the Morning Edition, Murder in the Afternoon Extra and Murder in the Night Final – together in one convenient volume.

The adventure takes you on a roller-coaster mystery from Britain to America and back again. And the thrills are matched by the laughs all the way as Colin and Shirley tangle with a motorcycle rocker with bad teeth, a dyslexic tattooist, and a clumsy assassin who kills the wrong people. Join in the fun as Colin and Shirley track down the bad guys.

Excellent story with great narration. Couldn’t stop listening. Great characters, gripping storyline, snappy dialog, wonderful British humor dry as a martini. It’s got it all.
Audible Reviewer

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