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Protected: Front Page Murder – Prologue

It always started with the same ritual.   Percy Despart opened the drawer in the small desk by the side of his artist's easel and took out his Swiss penknife. He held it for a moment and enjoyed the solid weight as it rested in his hand.   Then he pulled out the large...

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Protected: Murder In The Morning Edition ch1

By Peter Bartram  My Australian girlfriend Shirley took a luscious lick of her ice-cream and said: "Why is that man wearing gloves on the hottest day of the year?"   Shirley flicked her gaze towards the man sitting three tables away. We were on the terrace of the...

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Protected: Never lost for a word

Journalist and crime author Peter Bartram wants a word about writing dialogue…"Damn! Blast! Hell!"   A frown wrinkled my brow. "Is this an inconvenient time to call?" I asked.   I was visiting an author to ask him for a few tips on handling dialogue.  The author...

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Protected: The makings of a cozy crime hero

By Peter Bartram How does an author create the main character in what, in my case, I hope will be a long-running series of cozy crime mysteries?   When I first decided to write a series of crime books, my first thought was to create a classic dysfunctional pair of...

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Protected: The Mystery at the Ice-Cream Parlour

A Crampton of the Chronicle mystery story   By Peter Bartram   When you’re the new reporter in town, it's a lonely place to be.   I remember it well. I'd just joined the Brighton Evening Chronicle from a weekly newspaper as crime correspondent. My news editor Frank...

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Protected: The Mystery Of The Biro With No Ink

By Peter Bartram   My girlfriend Shirley was already into her second glass of white wine by the time I arrived late at the Sussex Grill.   I hustled into the restaurant, hurried over to the table and sat down. I leaned over and kissed Shirley.   "Don't mention it,...

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